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Clues Answers
— John, singer ELTON
Appear just like MIMIC
Code of behaviour ETHICS
Engine MOTOR
Excuse in court ALIBI
Exploit USE
Fought with sword FENCED
Give out EMIT
In a shy way COYLY
Kind of Indian tea ASSAM
Lesson from story MORAL
Offend; offence AFFRONT
Clues Answers
One who educates TEACHER
Opposite of 13 INNER
Out of touch with reality OTHERWORLDLY
Perfect IDEAL
Piercing SHRILL
Place, stead LIEU
Potter along DAWDLE
Ram’s partner? EWE
Seize (throne, e.g.) USURP
Song for a baby LULLABY
Subject THEME
Surrounding OUTER
To referee MEDIATE
Turn that frown upside down CHEERUP