Auto DraftThe Times – Concise – Times Concise No 9028 October 6 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 9028
Clues Answers
Appropriately APTLY
Army vehicle armoured car
Bad form of nutrition junk food
Belonging to you YOUR
Biscuits for cheese CRACKERS
Breakfast holder EGGCUP
City of Japan SAPPORO
Communication device RADIO
Cooling pack; big ace (anagram) ice bag
Day nursery CRECHE
Delight in; drink lap up
Detroit record label MOTOWN
Fabric pattern spot polka dot
Fortune-telling pack TAROT
Hire vehicle TAXI
Interfere MEDDLE
Large tent MARQUEE
Notorious seducer CASANOVA
Old form of to UNTO
Relating to the ear OTIC
Road reflector cat’s eye
Sadly and mournfully plaintively
Scene of conflict ARENA
Spanish nobleman GRANDEE
Tax, customs duty IMPOST

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