Canadiana – Apr 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A kind of snake BOA
Adhesive EPOXY
Alberta town GADSBY
Allow LET
Assists a criminal ABETS
Beverages ADES
Biblical name ELI
Big rig SEMI
British Columbia town LUMBY
Calendar month MAY
Calendar month, abbr APR
Celebration GALA
Chemical suffix OSE
Church part APSE
Containers TINS
Curative ALOE
Czech river ELBE
Devious reasoner SOPHIST
Donkey ASS
Dressmaker’s contrivance PLEAT
Film rating ASA
Gambler’s debt, so to speak IOU
Gangs MOBS
GM model GEO
Goodbye in Grosse Ile ADIEU
Harold, for short HAL
Hawaiian cultural item LEI
Imitate APE
Impudent SASSY
In case LEST
Infant, slangily BABE
Male Saint, abbr ST
Mornings, for short AMS
Mycosis or plasty preceder OTO
Not out IN
Nova Scotia city DIGBY
Okanagan Valley town ENDERBY
Old crone HAG
Ontario city GRIMSBY
Ontario city WHITBY
Opening remarks INTRO
Pigs do it GRUNT
Portals DOORS
Potter’s concern CLAYS
Pretentious ARTY
Privy to INON
Provide staff MAN
Rural address RR
Sky colour BLUE
Smiles GRINS
Song bird or architect WREN
Sticky GLUEY
Strong credit rating AAA
Swedish auto SAAB
Tavern BAR
Textual alterations EDITS
The Raven poet POE
Theatre name ROXY
Thicke, for one ALAN
Wheel speed, abbr RPM
Wild plum SLOE
Yearning YEN
You and I US

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