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Canadiana – Apr 20 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Canadiana Crossword.

Clues Answers
Bane of Hobbits ORC
Bane of ships SHOAL
Big lady? AMAZON
Body covering HAIR
Born as NEE
Br. Broadcasting Co BBC
Camp bed COT
Canadian hinterland explorer MACKENZIE
Cash cow? ATM
Cinema name ODEON
Circle part ARC
College degree, abbr PHD
Distress signal SOS
Employ USE
Fabled birds ROCS
Family _____ TREE
Film rating ASA
Gobbler TOM
Great Lakes Explorer CHAMPLAIN
Hawaiian chaplet LEI
Head honcho, abbr CEO
Homeland HABITAT
Imitates art? LIFE
Imitates life? ART
Journalist Marvin KALB
Lampoon PARODY
London Square SOHO
Lucien’s Parti, once BLOC
Metric tonnes, abbr MTS
Newfoundland discoverer CABOT
Notion IDEA
Oh God, once EGAD
One and only THE
Part of New France ACADIA
Permissive SOFT
Potter’s necessity KILN
Profound DEEP
Prohibit BAN
Provincial pol MLA
Put away STOW
Quick and flexible AGILE
Rabbit, for one BRER
Refinery SMELTER
Requests ASKS
Retriever, for short LAB
Roar of approval RAH
Slant SKEW
Small sour fruit SORB
Some wines DRY
Spoken ORAL
St Lawrence explorer CARTIER
Summer, in Saguenay ETE
Supplement with difficulty EKE
Sword part HILT
Tax shelter RSP
Tender BID
The Raven author POE
Woman’s name ADA
Word before plane AERO
Young eagle EAGLET
___Bizard ILE