Canadiana – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
About the nose NASAL
Abuse, in a way RIDE
Assign a name DUB
Assistant AIDE
Aussie ratite EMU
Biblical affirmative YEA
Brew ALE
Burial chamber CRYPT
Chelsea safe cracker YEGG
Child’s play TAG
Conger or lamprey EEL
Coniferous tree CYPRESS
Copycat APER
Day whose child has far to go THURSDAY
Day whose child is fair of face MONDAY
Day whose child is fair, wise, good and gay SUNDAY
Day whose child is full of grace TUESDAY
Day whose child is full of woe WEDNESDAY
Day whose child is loving and giving FRIDAY
Day whose child works hard for a living SATURDAY
Desert digs? YURT
Evergreen shrub RHUS
Feint DEKE
Fellow GUY
Food fish CODS
Ford model LTD
Hand part PALM
Hasten HIE
Horse harness part BIT
Indian music RAGA
Internet home schooling org EHO
Clues Answers
Jai ____ ALAI
Landed ALIT
Legislature DIET
Lowest female singing voice ALTO
Luxuriate BASK
Macaws ARA
Morning, familiarly AM
Mountain overlooking Salmon Arm IDA
Mucky muck NOB
Navy guard house BRIG
Notoriety FAME
Old world buffalo ANOA
One of the noble gases RADON
Over, poetically OER
Person supported by another person DEPENDENT
Pet’s foot or kid’s dad PAW
Pilot Mound to Elie dir ENE
Prank, or unusual feat STUNT
Prayer ending AMEN
Preserve, in a way CAN
Principal MAIN
Prop for Palmer, Price and others TEE
Prophet SEER
Range of skin care products OLAY
Sagolike starch ARUM
Siamese TAI
Time for abstinence LENT
Volcanic eruption GEYSER
Wager BET
Wooden pin NOG
Word before pump SUMP

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