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Canadiana – Apr 27 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Canadiana Crossword.

Clues Answers
A female deer ADOE
A kind of basin TIDAL
A kind of bread PITA
A kind of dancing LINE
Above the 53rd NORTHERN
Adroit DEFT
Afresh ANEW
All purpose lumber DEAL
Ancient OLD
As well ALSO
Big fast jet SST
Black cuckoo ANI
Blood cancer LEUKEMIA
Brew ALE
Bustle ADO
Calendar ref DEC
Cheers in Rio OLES
Cleopatra pal ASP
Despot TSAR
Domed recess APSE
Dory parts OARS
Endangered Asian bear PANDA
Endangered coastal mammal SEAOTTER
Endangered in Africa GORILLA
Endangered prairie mammal SWIFTFOX
Engine feature, abbr EFI
Gasper FAG
Germanic marauder SAXON
Golf score PAR
Gross rating point, abbr GRP
Hiatus PAUSE
Indian city PATNA
Jacob follower ITES
Jai ____ ALAI
Kind of whip CAT
Kurri or Selanne, e.g FINN
Labour org LRB
Last drops LEES
Leave out OMIT
Loose fibres LINT
Matheson and Hill, e.g DANS
Maul PAW
Nematode FILAR
Not married UNWED
Opera genre SOAP
Out alone STAG
Peasant PEON
Pipe type CORNCOB
Polio conqueror SALK
Political action org PAC
Prairie Co-op POOL
Second sight, for short ESP
Sense of self EGO
Skipjack TUNA
Sutter brother RON
Ten Downing dwellers EDENS
The Devil, you say? LUCIFER
Trademark LOGO
Turned on? WIREDUP
Without any change ASIS
Yoko ______ ONO
____Vegas LAS
_____San, Japanese mountain ENA