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Canadiana – Apr 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Alamos or Gatos preceder LOS
Allow LET
An artist’s output OEUVRE
Ancient Greek city ELEA
Anger IRE
Arouse STIR
Author Fleming for one IAN
Beloved, in Beauharnois AMIE
Bit of butter PAT
Blasphemed SWORE
Bouchard’s brainwave IDEE
Brewery features VATS
Butterfly MOTH
Cereal grain OAT
Certain fables AESOPS
Container TIN
Delete OMIT
Drinks SIPS
Enviable credit rating AAA
Execute KILL
Exhausted SPENT
Flowering shrub SALVIA
Genetic info DNA
Geologic periods ERAS
Geological formation MASSIF
Grease OIL
In a PER
Indonesian province PAPUA
Info to come TBA
International trade org SEATO
Is obligated OWES
J. Chretien ‘s parti LIB
Jewish cleric RABI
Clues Answers
Kennedy clanswoman JOAN
Mariner’s mayday SOS
Mariner’s sheltered side ALEE
Mil. rank MAJ
NHL bad boy Steve ____ OTT
No Clue HEST
Pale WAN
Popular, slangily HOT
Press part PLATEN
Roman 7 VII
Serve a beverage POUR
Shed, as feathers MOLT
Srs. concern RSP
Summer, to Stephane ETE
Swiss river AAR
Tombstone acronym RIP
Unaccompanied SOLO
Water, in Weedon EAU
Wedding words IDO
Went bananas LOSTIT
With Bora, a Leeward Island BORA
Words of wisdom MOTS
___ Campbell ( PM in 1993 ) KIM
___ Dhabi ABU
___ tse TSE
____ (Plains Indian shelter) TIPI
____ St Laurent (PM 1948 to 1957) LOUIS
_____ Borden (Prime Minister 1911 to 1920) ROBERT
_____ Trudeau (`PM from 1968 to 1984 ) PIERRE
_____Harper ( Elected PM in 2006 ) STEPHEN
_____Laurier ( PM 1896 to 1911) WILFRED
_____Pearson ( PM 1963 to 1968) LESTER