Canadiana – Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
Accuser NAMER
Arctic ocean feeder LIARD
Athabaska and Great Bear LAKES
Atlantic hurricane 1961 CARLA
Baseball team NINE
Cdn. chartered bank RBC
Chilean seaport ARICA
Cinema FILM
Columbia river port ASTORIA
Dental affliction TARTAR
Food scraps ORTS
Frock SARI
Home of golfer E. Els RSA
Hungarian MAGYAR
Immobilized electronically TASED
In a way, fixed STAKED
Insect life stage COCOON
Israeli dance HORA
Israeli President 2001 to 2006 SHARON
Jacques ___ (discoverer of New France ) CARTIER
James____ ( Titanic producer) CAMERON
Japanese city ITO
Jean ___ Canadian Prime Minister CHRETIEN
June___ Journalist and womens rights advocate ) CALLWOOD
Leonard __, Canadian song writer COHEN
Levy TAX
Clues Answers
Marketplace MART
Mediterranean Island CRETE
Ode or sonnet POEM
Opening ORA
Petroleum dispenser OILCAN
Resin from tropical trees ELEMI
Roman 151 CLI
Sir James ____ (British surgeon 1814 to 1899 ) PAGET
Skirmish CLASH
Sony computer entertainment div SCE
Sow thistle, for one WEED
Spanish prayers NOVENA
Spiritual being AEON
Tempest spirit ARIEL
Tibeto-Burman BAIC
Togetherness HARMONY
Truck drivers’ best friends (abbr. ) CBS
Undergrad social club FRAT
Unemotional one STOIC
Velvet PANNE
Venetian island RIALTO
Video awards for Musicians MVA
Westcoast Painter Emily CARR
Wise one SAGE
Wood choppers AXMEN
____ de France ILE
____ grass BROME
____ mater ALMA

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