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Canadiana – April 29 2019

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Clues Answers
Approaches NEARS
Be obligated OWE
Bellfry dwellers BATS
Bird sound SONG
Bit of jewelry PIN
Canadian expletive EH
Caviar ROE
Cavity HOLE
Certain broadcasting stns AMS
Certain net minders STANDUP
Cherry’s pooch BLUE
Commits a hockey no no SPEARS
Committed a hockey no no ELBOWED
Corn bread PONE
Crumb ORT
Does the bull thing GORES
Drills BORES
Electrical meas OHM
Euro currency ECU
Falsehood LIE
Female deer DOE
Female fashion magazine ELLE
First of the great ones HOWE
Foot parts TOES
Fort Qu’Appelle’s famous player and coach SHORE
Gunk GOO
High point of an orbit APOGEE
Home and school orgs PTAS
Hosp.emergency unit ERS
Humboldt”s legendary goalie HALL
Hurting SORE
Interlock MESH
Johnnie ___(PA’s legendary goal tender) BOWER
Letters denoting soonest ASAP
Loudly Laments WAIL
Mark to Gordie SON
Medical pro RN
Melville hockey legend ABEL
Mil misdemeanor AWOL
Mongrel CUR
No Clue PA
Nokomis legend LACH
On a grand scale EPIC
Opposed ANTI
Portal DOOR
Porters and stouts BREWS
Pound symbol LB
Praiseful poem ODE
Refusal NO
Riled HET
Saskatoon hockey legend WATSON
Sea eagle ERNE
Shower with affection DOTE
Sideslip SKID
Spin Dr.’s thing PR
Sports nut’s TV network TSN
Sutherland’s hockey legend RAYNER
Tear into tatters SHRED
Thunderous ALOUD
TO. exhibition CNE
Topers org AA
Transgression SIN
Velocity SPEED
Virtuoso ACE
Weir’s score sometimes PAR
Wild ox YAK
Wise to AWARE
Word that precedes house and follows hard WARE
Zodiacal lion LEO
___ and behold LO