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Canadiana – April 8 2019

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Clues Answers
17th Greek letter RHO
A falsehood ALIE
Abominable one YETI
Air pollution SMOG
Appear, in a way SEEM
Atom ION
Baboon APE
Ball supporters TEES
Barbie, for one DOLL
Black Cuckoos ANIS
Born as NEE
Cereal grain OAT
Civil defence org EMO
Computer key ESC
Curler Kim ____ KELLY
Farewell ADIOS
Fast food items SUBS
Frequent, poetically OFT
Guido’s high note ELA
Hockeyist Sidney _____ CROSBY
Humiliate ABASE
Imperial weight meas CWT
Japanese Capital EDO
Japanese sash OBI
L. Arbour, to friends LOU
Lacking social graces GAUCHE
Lair DEN
Leisure EASE
Mend SEW
Moncton to Halifax dir ESE
Mortal sin IRA
Nova Scotia Curler Bruce ____ LOHNES
Nova Scotia Hockey legend Al ____ MACINNIS
Nova Scotia singer Anne _____ MURRAY
Off the cuff remarks ADLIBS
On a ship or a train ABOARD
Operatic performance ARIA
Oscar nominee and actress Ellen ____ PAGE
Pig’s digs PEN
Plans of action SYSTEMS
Printer’s concern EMS
Proximate NEAR
Radio and TV sportscaster Danny _____ GALLIVAN
Regret RUE
Small islands ISLES
Social event TEA
Some radio stns AMS
South African lake NYASA
Spanish verbal salute OLE
Spin doctor FLAK
Spiritual being EON
Story TALE
Sun god SOL
The Highwayman writer NOYES
Tropical tree PALM
TV host and Actor Austin _____ WILLIS
Voyeur EYER
Wings ALAE
Witnessed SAW
Writing paper VELLUM
Young pooch PUP