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Canadiana – Aug 13 2018

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Clues Answers
A society gal’s coming out DEBUT
Ad ____ HOC
Adjust SET
Affaires D’honneur DUELS
African antelope NYALA
Ball supporter TEE
Board game BEANO
Bundles BALES
Caliph ALI
Camelopards OKAPIS
Canada’s 6th largest prov. by population SASK
Canajun for a warm Alberta breeze CHINOOK
Canajun for an evasive athletic manoever DEKE
Canajun for rape seed CANOLA
Canajun, for Newfoundland rum SCREECH
Caustic LYE
Close forcibly SLAM
Coagulated milk CURD
Counsels REDES
Do not, condensed DONT
Double ____ ( Canajun for coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugar ) DOUBLE
Editor’s mark STET
Engine part CAM
Exploit USE
Eye lasciviously OGLE
Hearth HOB
Honey maker BEE
India pale ____ ALE
Irish paramilitary org IRA
Japanese city SAPORO
Clues Answers
Japanese town NIKKO
Laertes, for one DANE
Leporid mammal RABBIT
Loose fitting BAGGY
Military unit ECHELON
Most mentally well SANEST
Not fat LEAN
Of the brain MENTAL
Officers diner MESS
Razor clam ENSIS
Repeated ( As a race ) RERAN
RRSP holding GIC
Rust or must follower IER
Sacred chests ARKS
Seamless transition from one topic to another SEGUE
Shortly SOON
Some Volkswagen engines TDIS
Tamworth or Duroc Jersey PIG
Television series starring Matt Craven RAINES
Tight TAUT
W. Gretzky or S.Twain CELEB
Wagered ANTED
Weather formations TROUGHS
Weave TAT
Wood sorrel OKA
Word before father or son STEP
WW2 machine gun STEN
Yes vote AYE
___ Pogo ( Okanagan monster ) OGO
____ Fairclough (First Canadian female Cabinet minister) ELLEN