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Canadiana – Aug 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Canadiana Crossword.

Clues Answers
Acclaim TOAST
Accounting pro CPA
Artist’s prop EASEL
Be without LACK
Bishop’s vestment ALB
Black cuckoo ANI
Brazilian city RIO
Brew ALE
Brewery vessel VAT
Canadian labour org CLC
Control system SERVO
Corresponded WROTE
Dairy ______ FARM
Deranged CRACKED
Employ USE
European common mkt ECM
Expired DIED
Family KIN
Feigned FAKED
Foodstuff VICTUAL
Frantic MANIC
Happening EVENT
Hosp. workers RNS
Icelandic poems EDDA
Inuit blubber dish MUKTUK
Invalidate ANNUL
Matrimonial _________ CAKE
Medicinal bean CASTOR
Motor fuel rating OCTANE
Nanaimo _____ BARS
Nucleic acid RNA
Onassis, for one ARI
Red River _____ CEREAL
Ruler of winds EOLUS
Sea to Serge MER
Seduce VAMP
Siamese citizen TAI
Slurp SIP
Small intestine ILEUM
Smidgeon TAD
Sound of Music character MARIA
Sri Lankan province UVA
Sweet ______ MARIE
Tenancy LEASE
Tewkesbury toilet LOO
Took a chance RISKED
Twitch TIC
Ukrainian sausage KUBASA
Unleavened bread BANNOCK
Unworldly ones NAIFS
Visual communication ART
Wager BET
Winter happenings SNOWS
Word after neither NOR
____ Squares DATE
_____ Fairclough ELLEN
_____ Rico PUERTO
_____ Tongues COD
______ sausage FARMERS