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Canadiana – Aug 27 2018

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Clues Answers
A cry of sorrow or pain MOAN
A person of ill repute BAWD
A. Nobel invention TNT
Acronym for employees’ stock option plan ESOP
An abiding desire YEN
Arab States org UAR
Broadcast AIR
Caliph ALI
Celestial body COMET
Charles Lamb alias ELIA
Circle part ARC
Classic automobile REO
Composer Johann Sebastian ____ BACH
Comprehend, in a way SEE
Crowd noise? ROAR
Daisy ____ ( Capp creation) MAE
Decapitate BEHEAD
Design criteria SPEC
Desire WISH
Draw a bead, so to speak AIM
Female parent in the animal world DAM
Filippo ____ (Saint) NERI
Greenwich ____ MEANTIME
Ladies DAMES
Likely APT
Lindross or Clapton ERIC
Listen closely (archaic) HEARKEN
Litigate SUE
Makes a booboo ERRS
Massage RUB
Military hardware ORDNANCE
No, in Dundurn NAE
Norse Goddess ELLI
Oaks and Elms TREES
OAS recipients SRS
On the bounding main ASEA
OR frequenters DRS
Pamphlets TRACTS
Prefix denoting outer ECTO
Privy to INON
Protein molecule GENE
Ralph Waldo ____ (poet ) EMERSON
Repayable loan DEBT
Sea eagle ERN
Seaman, slangily TAR
Sign of a sellout SRO
Speak disparagingly SLUR
Spring Mo APR
Tardy LATE
To do with Hebrews HEBRAIC
Tolkien tree dweller ENT
Torment TEASE
Two or more eras of geological time EON
Wager BET
Water, in Weedon EAU
Zam ____ ( Rink groomer ) BONI
Zen _____ BUDDHISM
Zero _____ DEGREES
Zip _____ ( food saver) LOCK
Zonked ____ OUT
Zoot ______ SUIT
_____ zone TIME