Canadiana – Aug 29 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Accoutrements KIT
Armed conflict WAR
Avers SAYS
Bartlett, for one PEAR
Be aware of KNOW
Beet soup BORSCHT
Before to Emerson ERE
Biblical affirmations YEAS
Children TOTS
Continental currency EURO
Corp. commander CEO
Denials NOS
Dick Pound’s org IOC
Distinguished Canadian Service club KINSMEN
Distinguished Canadian service club LIONS
Distinguished Canadian service club COSMO
Distinguished Canadian service club ELKS
Distinguished Canadian service club KIWANIS
Distinguished Canadian service club ROTARY
Distinguished Canadian service club member OPTIMIST
Distinguished Canadian service org SHRINERS
Drenched WET
Edge RIM
Evian or Carlsbad SPA
Fixes, in a way RIGS
Formerly ERST
Harry and others POTTERS
Hill dweller ANT
Hosp. hot spots ERS
Imperial weight TON
Impudence SASS
Jeans maker LEVI
Lake between Huron and Ontario ERIE
Latvian Capital RIGA
Lease RENT
Med. technology MRI
Mountain Dew and Seven Up POPS
Neighbour of Iraq IRAN
New Brunswick major leaguer Matt STAIRS
Operatic selection ARIA
Perfume base ATTAR
Platter TRAY
Plaything TOY
Poetic over OER
Praiseful poem ODE
Prevail WIN
Prime Minister Brian’s deputy ERIK
Putative louse NIT
Self EGO
Serpents ASPS
Silage source CORN
Spoil RUIN
Stew, in a way FRET
Take by force WREST
Tennis stroke LOB
Thighbones FEMURS
Timid SHY
Titaness THEA
Transgression SIN
Undersized ones RUNTS
Une jeune fille (abbr) MME
Unemotional STOIC
Unpleasant person PRIG
Words spoken at altars IDO
____Wynn IVOR

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