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Canadiana – Aug 31 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Canadiana Crossword.

Clues Answers
A kind of discussion PANEL
Arbutus Prov NS
Big Bear or Little Bear CREE
Bitter herb RUE
Certain paintings OIL
Choose OPT
Christmas NOEL
Coral island ATOLL
Crocus Prov MAN
Daddy PAPA
Doctrines ISMS
Dogwood Prov BC
Environmental org EPA
Equivalent EQUAL
Excuse me! OOPS
Exists IS
Gaelic, for good BON
God of the Underworld HADES
Goggle GAPE
Group SET
Heat unit ERG
Hindu fire God AGNI
Hostelries INNS
Infants BABES
It is,poetically TIS
Kidney or liver ORGAN
Kirby or Carney SENATOR
Lady’s Slipper Prov PEI
Lay waste RUIN
Machine part LEVER
Major marbles TAWS
Medical school subject ANATOMY
Merganzer SMEW
Mineral spring SPA
Mountain Avens Prov NWT
My, in Montreal MON
Narrow inlet RIA
Obtains GETS
Officers’ digs MESS
On the up-and-up, so to speak LEGIT
One who’s done for GONER
Pepsi rival COKE
Pilfer ROB
Prairie Lily Prov SASK
Responds to pain GROANS
Skin flap WATTLE
Some barn raisings BEES
Statutes ACTS
The true north? CANADA
Trademarks LOGOS
Trillium Prov ONT
Tropical plant BEGONIA
Until, to Tennyson TIL
Violet Prov NB
Voter’s cry NAY
Wading birds IBIS
Waited BIDED
Wanter and getter of song LOLA
What, to Sergio QUE
Wild Rose Prov ALTA
Wildcat OCELOT
Yukon native INUIT
_____ on it! SIT
_____ Petti DINI