Canadiana – Aug 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A kind of leather SUEDE
A way with words WIT
Activist Agnes MACPHAIL
After expenses NET
Afternoons, for short PMS
Bencher Louise ARBOUR
Big marspupial, slangily ROO
Black diving ducks SCOOTERS
Blue Jay batter’s ploy BUNT
Brewer’s requirement MALT
Brooch PIN
Canadian country music icon SNOW
Canola and peanut, e.g OILS
Chicken HEN
Commercials, for short ADS
Continent ASIA
Day enders EVES
Debutantes, slangily DEBS
Discussion DIALOGUE
Drain, in a way SAP
Echo sounder ASDIC
Explorer Roberta Lynn BONDAR
Fleming or Baker-Finch, e.g IAN
Hamlet was one DANE
Horse colour ROAN
Hotel INN
Hull and Saberhagen, e.g BRETS
Japanese sash OBI
Lah preceder TRA
Letters on an invite RSVP
Levesque and others RENES
Mine entrance ADIT
Mohawk patriot Mary BRANT
More domesticated TAMER
None NIL
Novelist Margaret ATWOOD
Ocean inlet RIA
One of the Bentley boys BEV
Owing DUE
Patriot Laura SECORD
Pectoral, slangily PEC
Popular SUV GEO
Portends BODES
Printer’s measure PICA
Rainy WET
Record TAPE
Red deer HIND
Red or Aral follower SEA
Regretted RUED
Roman 104 CIV
Spirit, in St. Simeon ESPRIT
Squeal RAT
Steakhouse staple TBONE
That woman SHE
Theatre award OBIE
They go with dashes DOTS
TSX forerunner TSE
Turkish bigwigs AGAS
Word or hard follower IER
Wrongdoings SINS
_____Quinn PAT

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