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Canadiana – February 11 2019

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Clues Answers
19th Alphabet letter ESS
Acronym for the word alias AKA
Amount (abbr.) QTY
Bits of food ORTS
Body parts FEET
Broadcast AIR
Collection of anecdotes ANA
Colour HUE
Common cookie OREO
Computer operating sys DOS
Departed WENT
Dude FOP
Edible wood sorrel OCA
Enates KIN
Enemy FOE
Entry level mil. officers NCOS
Flunk FAIL
Freight CARGO
Glass panel PANE
Going steady DATING
Hawaiian goose NENE
Hockey forerunner SHINNY
Icelandic poems EDDA
Many coloured flower DAHLIA
Mineral bearing rocks ORES
Name, to Normande NOM
Not any NONE
Obese FAT
October Crisis org FLQ
Off shore ASEA
Pacific nation FIJI
Partner of dits DOTS
Picnic plaguer ANT
Post grads’ propositions THESES
Praiseful poem ODE
Present (As honours and prizes ) BESTOW
Resort SPA
Respiratory disease ASTHMA
Restrain, ( A horse ) REIN
Rock rabbit PIKA
Russian despot TSAR
Salutation HAIL
Sea eagles ERNS
Secure SAFE
Skirt genre MINI
Strike breaker SCAB
Summer cooler ADE
Transactions DEALS
Tuberous roots YAMS
Visual creations ART
Wild ox TSINE
Wonderment AWE
Yours and mine OUR
____ Pogo ( Okanagan monster ) OGO
____ Hockey POND
____ Hockey ROAD
____ Hockey FOOT
____ Hockey STREET
____ Mahal TAJ
____Cabos LOS
_____ Hockey POWER
_____ A Rama SKATE
_____ Doodle DIPSY
_____ Hockey SPONGE