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Canadiana – January 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Acronym for alias AKA
Adam’s significant other EVE
Ahmadinejad’s domain IRAN
Algerian ruler DEY
Arabian pilgrimage HADJ
Arrogate USURP
Attends GOES
Brooch PIN
Caviar ROE
Charged particle ION
Chelsea stroller PRAM
Collection ANA
Comrades, in Cartagena AMIGOS
Coup at the bridge table SLAM
David French’s Leaving ____ HOME
Donkey ASS
Dr. _____ (childrens writer ) SEUSS
Dress, in Darjeeling SARI
Eliptical OVAL
Erika Ritter’s Automatic ______ PILOT
Fleming or Paisley IAN
Fresh NEW
Friend in Falaise AMI
George F. Walker’ s Suburban _____ MOTEL
George Ryga’s The Ecstasy of ______ RITAJOE
Help a thief ABET
John Gray’s Billy Bishop _____ GOESTOWAR
Knight’s title SIR
Lover, in Laval AME
Margarine OLEO
Marsh BOG
Mature AGE
Michel Tremblay’s Les Belles______ SOEURS
Military detachment UNIT
Mont Tremblant or Temple Gardens SPA
Muzzle GAG
New Zealand ratites MOAS
Oh god, politely EGAD
Operatic performance ARIA
Pacific salmon COHOS
Part of the verb to be ARE
Polio conquerer SALK
Rackets NOISES
Rent RIP
Rick Salutins Les_______ CANADIENS
Scottie’s extended family CLAN
Scottish isle SKYE
Seize TAKE
Sharon Pollock play DOC
Siestas NAPS
Summer to Suzanne ETE
Take heed NOTE
Thrust ( As with a knife ) STAB
Toddler TOT
Toss LOB
Toyota SUV RAV
Trim LOP
Veal, in Val d’Or VEAU
Wager ANTE
Wealthy RICH
Witty one WAG
Worshipper’s bench PEW
Yoko _____ ONO
_____ stick POGO