Canadiana – Jul 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A. Nobel discovery TNT
Automotive meas BHP
Ballerina Karen KAIN
Bear part PAW
Bitter substance GALL
Blame, slang RAP
Blue flowered plant CHIA
Brew ALE
Cancer fighter Terry FOX
Canvas cover TARP
Celebration GALA
Chief ____ George DAN
Colour HUE
Comedic treasure John CANDY
Connect JOIN
Content of Lac Superieur EAU
Curling extravaganza, var BRIAR
Drag or spit follower OON
Electronic readout, abbr LCD
Feistiest PM’s monogram PET
Follows and precedes PM AM
Genius on skates STOJKO
Gotcha AHA
Handicap conqueror Rick HANSON
Harness part REIN
Hockey maven Don CHERRY
In Flanders Fields poet MCRAE
Insulin co-discoverer BEST
Intent RAPT
Interruption, of sorts AHEM
Island off Nova Scotia SABLE
Italian wine region ASTI
Japanese coin SEN
k.d._______ LANG
Knocked out KOED
Levy TAX
Location SITE
Maitre ____ nous CHEZ
Mature AGE
Metis leader, Louis RIEL
Not allowed TABOO
On air icon GZOWSKI
Oner ACE
Pinnacle ACME
Riding horse ARAB
Roman 102 CII
Seafood ROE
Service charge FEE
Some municipalities, for short RMS
Speed of sound MACH
Stompin’ _____ Connors TOM
Sutherland, Harron, or Gordon DON
Sword EPEE
The Great one GRETZKY
The last _____ SPIKE
Thin paper TISSUE
Thug, slang NED
Thus SO
Turkish tent YURT
Tyrant TSAR
Verve ZEST
Wainscot DADO
Wallop WHAM
Watchful WARY
Wing-shaped ALAR
___ Wilfred Laurier SIR
____ facto IPSO
____ Foy, Quebec STE

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