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Canadiana – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Alphabet run BCDE
Ancient Oympic site ELIS
Art gallery workers RESTORERS
Aslant TILT
Blakeney or Arkin ALAN
Bolivian river BENI
Brain scanner (acronym ) EEG
Canadian expletives EHS
Celine or Marcel DION
Census data STATS
Chairman ____ MAO
Chief Elija ____ ( Of Meech Lake Accord fame) HARPER
Chief Harold ____ (Assembly of First Nations founder ) CARDINAL
Chief James ____( First canadian aboriginal Senator) GLADSTONE
Chief Joseph ____ ( Leader of Mohawks in eastern Canada ) BRANT
Chief ____ ( Fought for Canada in the war of 1812) TECUMSEH
Chief _____ ( Legendary chief of prairie Cree ) PIAPOT
Churn ROIL
Coagulate GEL
Cobras ASPS
Command right GEE
Consumed ATE
Cordon ____ BLEU
Crib board marker PEG
Dan ____ ( Salish chief and distinguished actor ) GEORGE
Earthy matter SILT
Expert ACE
Family mbr REL
Home computer net LAN
Ice, in Innsbruck EIS
Inter ___ ALIA
Italian lake COMO
Kingdom REALM
Clues Answers
Life, to Luigi VITA
Lou Gehrig’s disease ( acronym ) ALS
M. Weir or S. Ames PRO
Mature AGE
Merciless HARD
Mild expletive EGAD
Ms Woods ELIN
One, in Wurzburg EIN
Otherwise ELSE
Pinnacle TOP
Plus AND
Precocious kids BRATS
Prefix for historic or nuptial PRE
RC honouree ST
Rec. vehicle RV
Sales agent (abbr) REP
Shush PSST
Sign of a sellout SRO
Small integer ONE
Small, in Inverary SMA
Some radio stns AMS
Terminate END
The 7th letter of the Greek alphabet ETA
Theodore, familiarly TED
Tolkien tree people ENTS
Tranquilize SEDATE
Tree and shrub genus ALCEA
Velocity RATE
Wheat, en francaise BLE
____ ( Acronym for Haiti’s Gods Litttle Angels orphanage ) GLA
____ and Andy of early TV AMOS
____ Truck PANEL