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Canadiana – Jul 2 2018

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Clues Answers
A. Nobel invention TNT
Acronym denoting alias AKA
Agape OPEN
Agent , slangily REP
Anger RAGE
Badgers CETES
Baseball’s Mel and Hockey’s Steve OTT
Biblical trailer ? ETH
Body part ARM
Citified URBAN
Completed DONE
Country Guitarist_____ Atkins CHET
Cree or Blackfoot dwelling TEEPEE
De facto ACTUAL
Dutch city UTRECHT
Expert ACE
Eye part CORNEA
Female soldier (Acronym) WAC
George ____ (Canadian heavy weight boxer ) CHUVALO
George ____ ( Mustacheoed Ontario Tory ) HEES
Greek god of love and beauty EROS
Human chattel SLAVE
Intense dislike HATRED
Is unwell AILS
Layers PLIES
Leger de main MAGIC
Loan recipient LENDEE
Machinist’s machine LATHE
Clues Answers
Medical trainee INTERN
Military address APO
Milliner HATTER
More unattactive UGLIER
Moroccan resort RIAD
Mother of Apollo LETO
NB and NS time zone ATL
Noblemen EARLS
Nut brown ____ ALE
Oolong container TEACUP
Oxalis OKA
Patti Hearst’s captors SLA
Planted SOWED
Pouch SAC
Prefix for lateral or lingual UNI
Prefix for motor or pod TRI
Prohibit BAN
Regina’s Sgt. George ____ ( WW1 Victoria Cross recipient ) ARTHUR
Signification NUANCE
Slips away ELAPSES
Snooze NAP
The C.George Roberts ( Celebrated canadian poet ) CHARLES
Therefore THUS
Walkways STAIRS
Water container PAIL
Woody plant REED
Word after air or water CRAFT
____ two shoes GOODIE