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Canadiana – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
A.A. Milne critter POOH
Academy (abbr.) SCH
Adult humanoid MAN
Agile YARE
Anger IRE
Arts deg BA
Backside REAR
Catriona ___ (Won Olympic gold in speed skating ) LEMAYDOAN
Cindy ____ ( Winner of seven Olympic skating medals ) KLASSEN
Coastal feature CAPE
Computer memory unit BIT
Coral reef KEY
Demand payment DUN
Diffident SHY
Emulates Nancy Greene SKIS
Enough ( Archaic ) ENOW
Falconers leash LUNE
Falsehood LIE
Female Ruff REE
Fencing sword EPEE
Fertilizer consisting of sand silt or clay MARL
Gal’s opposite GUY
Gamblers promise, slangily IOU
Hair style BUN
Heroic tale SAGA spot OR
Kilometer (Slangily ) CLICK
Ladies hand bag ETUI
Leisure EASE
Less hazardous SAFER
Letters denoting film speed ASA
Margarine OLEO
Marilyn _____ ( First person to swim Lake Ontario ) BELL
Mauna ___ LOA
Clues Answers
Mediterranean Island MALTA
On the bounding main ASEA
Origination GENESIS
Paraphernalia GEAR
Place a bet ANTE
Pleads BEGS
Receptor EAR
Roberta ____ ( First Canadian woman in space ) BONDAR
Sailor GOB
Sandra ____ ( Winner of the lst Olympic gold medal for curling) SCHMIRLER
Sea, to Serge MER
Silken ____ ( OIympic gold medalist in single skulls) LAUMANN
Singer Celine DION
Sitcom featuring an alien from outer space ALF
Slump SAG
Spartan queen LEDA
State of mind MOOD
Suffix for Jacob or Israel ITE
Summers in St. Foy ETES
Sunrises DAWNS
Supplements ADDS
Tavern PUB
Turkish ruler AGA
Under the weather SICK
Vicki __ ( First person to swim the five Great Lakes) KEITH
Visual creations ART
Warmth HEAT
West coast exposition PNE
Wheeled vehicle CART
Year (abbr.) YR
Yorkton to Brandon dir SSE
____ Blyton ( British author of childrens’ books ) ENID