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Canadiana – Jul 9 2018

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Clues Answers
Any thing IT
Approve OKAY
Armed conflict WAR
Brazilian metropolis RIO
Broadcast AIR
Cannabis SESS
Cargo LOAD
Celebrates EXALTS
Common cookie OREO
Couples PAIRS
Cream puff ECLAIR
Curtsy BOW
Ecole, to Heloise SCHOOL
Elevator guy OTIS
Emulate Nancy Greene SKI
Fanatic ZEALOT
Fellow CHAP
Female Cheviot EWE
Festivity GALA
Geological time period ERA
German automobile OPEL
Hurricane feature EYE
Ice in Innsbruck EIS
Independent grocery chain IGA
It is, condensed ITS
Itin. item ETA
Legume PEA
Leguminous plant BEAN
Macaws ARA
Melody TUNE
Metal factory SMELTER
Mouselike mammal BAT
Municipal jurisdictions ( Acronym ) RMS
Clues Answers
Nautical greeting AHOY
Neighbour of Michigan ONTARIO
Nocturnal bird of prey OWL
Part 1 of Ontario’s motto LOYAL
Part 2 and part 5 of Ontario’s motto SHE
Part 3 of Ontario’s motto BEGAN
Part 4 of Ontario’s motto LOYAL
Part 6 of Ontario’s motto REMAINS
Partner of flam FLIM
Plant part ARIL
Possessed HAD
Poulter and Baker-Finch IANS
Praiseful poems ODES
Prevaricate LIE
Puncture HOLE
Rhine tributary AARE
Russian mountains URAL
Schoolyard game TAG
Secure SAFE
Send by mail POST
Single reed instrument SAX
Soothing powder TALC
Sought public office RAN
South American parrot AMAZON
Starch SAGO
Supply with munitions ARM
Tuberous roots YAMS
Tumor LUMP
Virden to Dauphin dir ENE
Virtuoso STAR
Work unit ERG
Written reminder MEMO
___ senor SI