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Canadiana – Jun 11 2018

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Clues Answers
A.J. _____ ( Youngest of the Group of Seven ) CASSON
Able to recognize or draw fine distinctions ACUTE
Absorbed RAPT
African antelope ELAND
Albanian currency LEK
Appraise ASSESS
Aristotle to his friends ARI
Atom ____ ( Sweet Hereafter director ) EGOYAN
Authorizes OKS
Auto CAR
Bambi’s aunt ENA
Body of water SEA
Bora ____ ( One of the Leeward islands ) BORA
Canada’s Mike ____ ( Cat in The Hat star ) MYERS
Capital of Zambia LUSAKA
Celebrated novelist Yann ____ ( Life of Pi writer ) MARTEL
Celebrated pop singer Paul ____ ANKA
Compete VIE
Construction method PREFAB
Desert rock formation MESA
Double curve OGEE
Edible wood sorrel OCA
Enjoyment FUN
Eurasian sand pipers REEVES
Factions SECTS
Force units DYNES
Gabrielle ____ ( The Tin Flute writer ) ROY
Indian city renamed Chennai MADRAS
Japanese Capital TOKYO
Clues Answers
Lean fleshed fish BASS
Lend a hand ASSIST
Living thing AEROBE
Mexican Indians MAYAS
Non government orgs NGOS
Nourishment REPAST
Ocean inlet RIA
Open handed hit SLAP
Ottawa’s NHL franchise SENS
Pancake mixture BATTER
Parches SEARS
Politician, slangily POL
Power of Positive Thinking writer PEALE
Practices a culinary art BAKES
Promos ADS
Skirmish SCRAP
Swimmer____ Tanner ( Canada’s greatest athlete ) ELAINE
Tear RIP
Tolkien tree dweller ENT
Took a seat SAT
Torment HARASS
Twirls SPINS
Unit of radioactivity REM
Weaves TATS
Wide awake ALERT
___ Amin IDI