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Canadiana – Jun 25 2018

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Clues Answers
Actresses Turner and Wood LANA
Autumn flower ASTER
Away, to a Scottish bard AWA
Bane of teenagers ACNE
Biblical mariner NOAH
Brim LIP
Chadic language MASA
Conrad and Barbara _____ BLACK
Designer Christian DIOR
Don’t be afraid FEARNOT
Enemy FOE
Escape LAM
Expression of sorrow ALAS
Genuflect BOW
Gerald and Heather ____ SCHWARTZ
German river EDER
Gordie and Coleen____ HOWE
Harvestor REAPER
Hebrew leader CALEB
Highway ROAD
Imagined IDEATED
Italian lake or crooner Perry COMO
John and Adrienne _____ RALSTONSAUL
John and Olive DIEFENBAKER
Clues Answers
John and Rena _____ ( Figure skaters ) BALDWIN
Kangaroo bears KOALAS
Kim Il Sung and others KOREANS
Laboratory vessels BEAKERS
LP’s successor CD
Mil. misdemeanor AWOL
Moses’ older brother AARON
Narrow mountain ridge ARETE
Natural resin ELEMI
One of Santa’s eight DASHER
One or the other EITHER
Ontario’s ____ Gorge ELORA
Place in Indonesia BERAU
Plasma SERA
Play part ACT
Portals GATES
RBC or BMO cash dispenser ATM
Rene and Celine ____ ANGELIL
Science deg BS
Stored in a silo ENSILED
Tennis’s ____ Kournikova ANNA
Trauma centre ( Acronym ) ER
Travelers’ doc ID
___ bat AT
___ Inconvenient Truth AN