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Canadiana – Jun 3 2019

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Clues Answers
A difficult mate TARTAR
Applause in Cadiz OLES
Assist AID
Attempt TRY
Bitumen TAR
Botheration HASSLE
Bring into existance CREATE
Cape buffalo ANOA
Church part SPIRE
CNR facility STN
Coral reef CAY
Dissipate WANE
Emergency response org EMO
Employer USER
Engrave ETCH
Exploit DEED
Female parent of a lamb or a calf DAM
Film camera acronym SLR
Forbid BAR
Gamble RISK
Gaudy songbird ORIOLE
Groan MOAN
Hair piece WIG
Hosp. units ORS
In addition PLUS
Larger than life EPIC
Lennon’s mate ONO
Manitoba, AKA _____stone Province KEY
Mass of matter YLEM
Mauna ____ LOA
Metric land measure ARES
Mythical monsters (Greek) HYDRAS
New Brunswick, AKA The ____ Province LOYALIST
Newfoundland, AKA The _____ ROCK
Norse Goddess ELLI
Nova Scotia, AKA ____of Evangeline LAND
NWT, AKA North of _____ SIXTY
One of the Sedins DANIEL
Oxygen deprived ANOXIA
Pain unit DOL
PEI, AKA the_____ Province GARDEN
Pig’s place PEN
Quebec, AKA _______ Provence LABELLE
Read the evening news ANCHORED
Scarf BOA
Scot’s sock ARGYLE
Scourge BANE
Slipperiest ICIEST
Soul en francais AME
South American river PLATA
Spartan queen ( Greek) LEDA
Statute ACT
Stinging insect WASP
Stringed instrument UKE
Substance MEAT
Tolkien critters ENTS
Twelve months YEAR
Was mistaken ERRED
With it HEP
_____ AKA Spud Island PEI
_____Pickford MARY