Canadiana – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms, slangily DTS
Arab solidarity org UAR
Atomic numbers 10 NES
Baltic feeder ODER
Bill _____(1st Canuck baseball major leaguer) PHILLIPS
Blind part SLAT
Brazilian palm ASSAI
Casts out RIDS
Celebrated FETED
Cheers RAHS
Combined Fed. and Prov. sales tax HST
Common cookie OREO
Duplicate MIMEO
Early TV star, Bert LAHR
Edge RIM
Electrical unit AMP
Excuse me! OOPS
Fencing sword EPEE
Ferguson ___ ( 1971 Cy Young award winner ) JENKINS
Film rating ASA
Geologic period AEON
Greek goddess of discord ERIS
Hawthorne or Cole NAT
Indian ruler RAJ
Insect development stage PUPA
Integer TEN
Irish free state EIRE
Join up ENLIST
Kennedy or Rogers TED
Knight’s title SIR
Lair DEN
Le Grand ____ (Expo’s first superstar) ORANGE
Legendary chanteuse Fitzgerald ELLA

Clues Answers
Leisure EASE
Lester ____ ( Politician in Canada’s baseball hall of fame) PEARSON
Letters patent CHARTER
Math. subj ALG
Maui memento LEI
Montreal __ (Canada’s 1st major league baseball team) EXPOS
Mythological mountain OSSA
On the bounding main ATSEA
Prefix for historic or mature PRE
Proximate NEAR
Satisfies SATES
Sea eagle ERN
Shore bird TERN
Siamese TAI
Skirt feature HEM
Small cavern GROT
Soak in order to soften RET
Spell HEX
Summer cooler NESTEA
Timbre TONE
TNT inventer, to pals ALF
Tree protuberance KNAR
Uncluttered NEAT
Warbled SANG
Where baseball was first played in Canada ONTARIO
Where Jackie Robinson broke the colour bar MONTREAL
Word after poplar or chestnut TREE
____ Guevera CHE
____ Irwin ( Canuck baseball glove inventor) ART
____ Selkirk (Canuck who replaced Babe Ruth) GEORGE

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