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Canadiana – Mar 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Arouse STIR
Beloved DEAR
Bing ____(leading man in our Chrismas movie) CROSBY
Blame RAP
Blue Jays Manager ____Gaston CITO
Boxing ref.’s call TKO
Brain scanner (abbr.) EEG
Bus or present leader OMNI
Certain switches ONS
China’s late Chairman MAO
Consumes EATS
Curtain calls ENCORES
Data storage for MACs or PCs ROM
Decays ROTS
Deity LORD
Electricity meas AMP
Ensnare TRAP
Environmental protection org EPA
Faucet TAP
Female deer or rabbit DOE
Fencers’ sword EPEE
Ford nameplate LTD
Frisbee DISC
Go quickly HIE
Harem ODA
Hawaiian garland LEI
Ice, to Irmentrud EIS
Irving ___ ( composer of our movie’s theme song) BERLIN
Large African antelope GNU
LP successors CDS
Made of wood OAKEN
Male lead in our Christmas movie KAYE
Clues Answers
Metrical unit IAMB
Michael_____ (director of our Christmas movie) CURTIZ
Mil. address APO
Moral values ETHICS
Mounted soldier ULAN
Multicoloured PIED
N. Mandela’s Nation RSA
Nautical affirmation AYE
Picnic plaguer ANT
Pre Roman people KELT
Precipitation RAINDROPS
Punitive PENAL
Receptive OPEN
Red and Black water bodies SEAS
Rosemary ____ ( Leading lady of our Christmas movie ) CLOONEY
Sea eagle ERNE
Shelter TENT
Sinuous ROPY
Spanish/Italian card game UNO
Stomach CRAW
Synthetic textile DYNEL
Teen’s terrorizer ACNE
That man’s HIS
Tse _____ TSE
Tyke TOT
UN labour org ILO
Unclad NUDE
Waist band BELT
Water, to Guillaume EAU
With 41 Across. our Christmas movie’s title CHRISTMAS
With 50 Across, our Chistmas movie’s title WHITE
____ Ness LOCH