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Canadiana – May 13 2019

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Clues Answers
A collection SET
A kind of frost HOAR
A. Hitler’s body guard SS
Abraham, to close friends ABE
Ancient Ethiopian capital AKSUM
Autumn mo AUG
Avant guarde NEO
Bay, to Bernard BAI
Body part, in Brisbane ARSE
Bravo, in Buenos Aires OLE
Bulky sandwich HOAGY
Caliph ALI
Cereal grain OAT
Clark ____ ( Krypton guy ) KENT
Consume EAT
Contagious disease FLU
Distress PAIN
Essential oil ATAR
Eve’s significant other ADAM
Fence part POST
Grows older AGES
Harper’s party , so to speak TORY
Islamic pilgrimage HADJ
Journal LOG
Large bodies of salt water SEAS
Large integer EIGHTEEN
Molecule ATOM
More masculine MANLIER
Okay YES
Old French coin SOU
One’s self EGO
Operatic performance SOLO
Overwhelms AWES
Part 1 of today’s quotation YOU
Part 2 of today’s quote MUST
Part 3 of today’s quote REMEMBER
Part 4 of today’s quote THIS
Parts 5 and 7 of today’s quote AKISS
Parts 6 and 9 of today’s quotation ISJUST
Parts 8 and 10 of today’s quotation ASIGH
Pouches SACS
Prefix for metric or gram ISO
Primate MONKEY
RC honouree ST
Rocky peaks TORS
S. Harper’s command post PMO
Salts, to Stephane SELS
Set free UNTIE
Sign of a sell out SRO
Songs for two performers DUETS
Suffix for social or harp IST
Suffix for social or nazi ISM
Svelte TRIM
Temptress SIREN
The Guess ___ WHO
The opposite of against FOR
Time zone for NS, PEI and NB ATL
Tolkien critter ENT
Venus _____ FLYTRAP
Volkswagen etc AUTO
Wind instrument TUBA
Wine designation CRU
____ pogo ( Okanagan lake monster ) OGO