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Canadiana – May 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Accomplishing DOING
Actor Sean, and kin PENNS
At right angles, as a ship ABEAM
Atlantic prov NS
Atlas ref RTE
Body part EYELID
Cavity HOLE
Cerium symbol CE
Challenge DARE
Cheryl ___ (Olympic curling medal pursuer ) BERNARD
Compass pt SE
Consumes EATS
Down’s opposite UPS
Gainer the Gopher, for one MASCOT
Glenn ____ (Olympics curling medal pursuer) HOWARD
Global shoemaker BATA
Help AID
Hindi movie AMU
Home seller REALTOR
Idea , in Iberville IDEE
Indian political family NEHRU
Kevin ___ (Olympics curling medal pursuer) MARTIN
Kevin ____ (Olympics curling medal pursuer) KOE
Lah lah preceder TRA
Largest deer ELK
Majuscule GREAT
Maria Callas milieu OPERA
Mirvish, for one ED
Ms Merino EWE
Multiple sclerosis symbol MS

Clues Answers
Mustard maker since1742 KEENS
Narcotic OPIUM
Neck wear TIE
NHL- ers Avery and Burke SEANS
Nostril NARE
Of the nose NASAL
Out of bounds, to M.Weir OB
Overdose, slangily OD
Paradise EDEN
Payees debtor PAYOR
Portable potty BEDPAN
Protozoas AMEBAS
Refusals, to Ramon NYETS
Reverence AWE
Saskatchewan town CRAIK
Scottish monster, familiarly Nessy
Sea eagle ERN
Shannon ___ (Olympics curling medal pursuer) KLEIBRINK
Social grouping SET
Stephanie ____, Olympics curling medal pursuer ) LAWTON
Sulkers MOPERS
The, to Pierre LE
Warhorse STEED
Westjet, for one AIRLINE
Whiskey genre RYE
____ Avis (rare bird) RARA
____Connor ( Canadian Paralympic sprinter) EARLE
_____ Polo MARCO
______ Pacers (Toronto Raptors opponent} INDIANA