Canadiana – May 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A kind of protest SITIN
Alter SPAY
Arabian Gulf ADEN
Ardour ZEAL
Bank tech ATMS
Biblical name ELI
Brew ALE
Brings to heel TAMES
Buctouche-born industrialist, K.C. ____ IRVING
Charlottetown-born Premier, Joe ____ GHIZ
Chatter GAB
Chemistry suffix OSE
Clock talk? TICK
Cobbler’s tools LASTS
Comfort EASE
Compass pt SE
Eightsome OCTET
Female deer DOES
Fullback’s quest YARDS
Gambo-born politician, _____ Smallwood JOEY
Gasoline PETROL
German HUN
High wind GALE
Horse part MANE
Jai __, sport ALAI
Kangaroo, affectionately ROO
Lady’s name ISLA
Legs, once GAMS
Leslie, for short LES
Life history VITA
Linear measure METER
Maple Ridge-born baseballer, Larry _____ WALKER
Mature AGE
Minnedosa-born entrepreneur Izzy ____ ASPER
Montreal-born, Chief Justice Antonio _____ LAMER
More abundant AMPLER
Most wary SHIEST
Of she HER
Oh, God! EGAD
Operating system, abbr OS
Organizations, for short ORGS
Pike GAR
Primates APES
Quebec legislator, for short MNA
Quick turn JINK
Regimens DIETS
Saskatchewan-born banker, Gerald _____ BOUEY
Schnozzle NOSE
Sign of no seats SRO
Singer Horne LENA
Sparkle GLINT
Springhill-born singer, Anne ____ MURRAY
Stringed instrument LUTE
Tale of adventure SAGA
That thing IT
US news wire AP
Wagging AWAG
Welsh national emblem LEEK
Western flick OATER
Whiskeys RYES
Whitehorse-born writer, Pierre ____ BERTON
Windsor-born politician, Paul ____ Junior MARTIN
Winged ALAR

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