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Canadiana – May 4 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Canadiana Crossword.

Clues Answers
A kind of tide RIP
Antarctic bird PENGUIN
Arms position AKIMBO
Beliefs TAOS
Big beaked bird PELICAN
Black in Bussieres NOIR
Bunsen burner ETNA
Circle part ARC
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Confection TART
Dads PAS
Defensive ditch MOAT
Distant FAR
Dunk DIP
El _____, Ocean current NINO
Engrossments FOCI
Equipment GEAR
Exploiters USERS
Foresters org IOF
French coin SOU
Glance LOOK
Gross, in St. Boniface GRAS
Japanese monetary unit SEN
Japanese sash OBI
Jewish calendar month ADAR
Lady ruff REE
Lampooned SPOOFED
Large book TOME
Mafia MOB
Mash actor ALDA
Mauna_____ LOA
Me, in Montmartre MOI
Milky gem OPAL
Mineral bearer ORE
Mongolian cairn OBO
Mulberry genus Ipoh
Nocturnal bird OWL
One-seeded evergreen OLEA
Partner of pans POTS
Pastime GAME
Petals ALA
Political action org PAC
Prospector’s stake CLAIM
Sask. beer brand, for short BOH
Sask. farm org SFU
Scavenging bird MAGPIE
Scofflaw POACHER
Sea bird GANNET
Shelter SHED
Sign of a smash? SRO
Spanish General, 1600’s ALVA
Staggered REELED
Stupefy BESOT
Three outs? INNING
Tiniest bit IOTA
Ubiquitous bird PIGEON
Voice, in Milan VOCE
Water bird LOON
Weight measure TON
Winged stingers GNATS
Word before toxic or smoking NON
Work unit ERG
___as it should be! TEA
____Romeo ALFA