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Canadiana – May 6 2019

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Clues Answers
Abraham, to friends ABE
Accompanied by WITH
After expenses NET
Anger IRE
Articles ITEMS
Astronomical units PARSECS
Augury OMEN
Back then AGO
Belongs to the Hun king ATLIS
Brewery vessels VATS
Compos mentis SANE
Conclusion of today’s quote DANCED
Dined ATE
Explain REDE
Exploit DEED
Eye part CORNEA
Frappe ICE
Hawaiian garland LEI
Hawaiian goose NENE
Impregnated BRED
Legume PEA
Literary tracts ESSAYS
Make amends ATONE
Mauna ____ LOA
Metal money COIN
Midway attraction RIDE
Mongrel CUR
Mortar trough HOD
Mother of pearl NACRE
Norwegian goddess who vanquished Thor ELLI
Nut bearing African tree KOLA
One wheeled cycle UNICYCLE
Organic compound ENOL
Parched ARID
Part 1 of today’s quote ISKATE
Part 2 of today’s quote THE
Part 3 of today’s quote WAY
Part 4 of today’s quote ITHINK
Part 5 of today’s quote ISADORA
Part 6 of today’s quote DUNCAN
Penetrates a line of defence BREACHS
Plains indian UTE
Prairie prov SASK
Proximate NEAR
RC honourees STES
Receptor EAR
Red Rose or Oolong TEA
Red spot MEASLE
Rein in CURB
Respond to an order OBEY
Reverberation ECHO
Rhine river feeder AAR
Romanian city IASI
Sailor’s grog RUM
Salt, to Serge SEL
Skirt part HEM
Streetcar track TRAMWAY
Swami GURU
Toller ____ (Source of today’s quote) CRANSTON
Turkish nobleman BEY