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Canadiana – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
A person’s talent or “thing” (Hebrew) SHTIK
Accordingly ERGO
Alphabet run ABCD
B. Bardot, in Beausejour MME
Body part EYE
Civil defence org EMO
Cold water fish SMELT
Consumed ATE
Courtroom call to order OYES
Digits TOES
Discharge EMIT
Disfigure MAR
Dwell LIVE
Eisinglass MICA
El _____ ( Rosa’s cantina locale) PASO
Employee’s benefit PERK
European river YSER
Eventides EVES
Expert ACE
Fan’s fulmination BOO
Fastened LACED
Finish line WIRE
Fraser valley town YALE
Furniture makings preferred by Ikea TEAK
Gangster’s gun GAT
Go away SHOO
Goop GEL
Groove RUT
Grow old AGE
Clues Answers
Helpfulness AVAIL
Hockey great Tikkanen ESA
Hunk of something SLAB
Jewel GEM
Liquify MELT
Lugubrious DOLEFUL
Meadow LEA
Nacelle POD
Nucleic acid RNA
Of she HER
Plant part LEAF
Play part ACT
Prescription DOSAGE
Pretentious ARTY
Rani ‘s garb SARI
Resort SPA
Salmon COHO
Scrap of food ORT
Sleigh SLED
Smooth-haired canine BASSET
Soak RET
Travel TREK
Word following tsk TSK
Word, in Weedon MOT
___ goodness sake FOR
____ City ( AKA London) FOREST
____ City ( AKA Oshawa ) MOTOR
____ City (AKA Sarnia) CHEMICAL
_____ City ( AKA Winnipeg) GATEWAY
_____ City (AKA Chatham) MAPLE
_____ City (AKA Trail) SMOKY
______Town (AKA Dundas) VALLEY