Canadiana – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
1/100th of a Loonie CENT
Achievers DOERS
Again ANEW
Aquatic plant KELP
Away OUT
Biological engineering BIONICS
Blood GORE
Boat propeller? OAR
Boyfriend BEAU
Brewery output ALE
Broadbent or Shack ED
Canadian whiskey RYE
Charges FEES
Clear the board ERASE
Coach Murphy, for one CAL
Conclude WINDUP
Consumed ATE
Crux NUB
Cycling acronym CCM
Dutch disease victim? ELM
Easter painting or sculpture PIETA
Elsie’s chaw CUD
Environmental acronym PCB
Extra hrs OT
Financial planning acronym RRSP
German industrial region SAAR
Go wrong ERR
Have, in The Hebrides HAE
Hawaiian goose NENE
Identification acronym SIN
Inter _____ ALIA
Kind ILK
Landed ALIT
Maiden name, so to speak NEE
Military acronym RCAF
Mine output ORE
Mining acronym INCO
Mona ______ LISA
Moolah CASH
More than one PLURAL
Nazi or fascist preceder NEO
Not so mild expletive DAMN
Nuclear power acronym CANDU
Pimple SORE
Plane or space preceder AERO
Political acronym NDP
Politician Bob RAE
Quebec independence acronym FLQ
Religious facilities ABBEYS
Restrain BATE
Roman 151 CLI
Rostrum DAIS
Soaks RETS
South American aboriginal INCA
Story YARN
Strange ODD
Subjugate OPPRESS
Tardy LATE
Tax acronym GST
Tide type NEAP
Trade acronym NAFTA
Transportation acronym CNR
Very, in Val d’ Or TRES
____ pom POM
____ Rabbit BRER
____beri BERI

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