Canadiana – Nov 12 2018

Clues Answers
A curtain call cry BRAVO
African nation UGANDA
And the rest ETAL
Angry MAD
Ashlar STELE
Bits of evidence CLUES
Body part PALATE
Celebrated Canadian Military org RCDS
Clothe TOG
Cobra ASP
Comprehend GRASP
Consecrate ORDAIN
Dung beetle SCARAB
Feign SHAM
Gaetan ____ ( Double1984 Olympic speed skating medalist ) BOUCHER
Grandma in Gorki BABA
Handwriting SCRIPT
Haul TOW
Hawaiian garlands LEIS
Heart parts VENAE
Japanese electronics giant SONY
Karen Lee ____ (1992 Qlympic downhill gold medalist) GARTNER
Ladder part RUNG
Latvian capital RIGA
Lennox ___ (1988 Olympic Boxing gold medalist) LEWIS
Macaws ARA
Manitoba whistle stop REA
Mansbridge, to friends PETE
Marnie ____ ( 1996 Olympic rowing gold medalist ) MCBEAN
Mich. auto maker GM
Monica ____ tennis hall of famer SELES
More resilient HARDIER
Narrative poem EPIC
Native North Americans SARSI
NHL’s Edmonton ____ OILERS
Nickel symbol NI
Periods of intoxication HIGHS
Pores in a leaf STOMA
Print errors ERRATA
Ralph __, consumer advocate NADER
Rani’s gown SARI
Rascally IMPISH
Rhine tributary AAR
S. Harper’s office PMO
Satisfy SATE
Seaport in Cameroon DUALA
Shade tree ASH
Sidney ___ (2010 Olympic hockey gold medalist) CROSBY
Stephen ____ ( Canadian PGA player ) AMES
Surrounded by AMID
Terminates mil. service DEMOBS
Tolkien tree dweller ENT
Wizard’s woman WITCH
Wrangles ROWS
Zodiacal lion sign LEO
__ Dhabi, (Arabian capital) ABU
___mode ALA
____ Hari MATA

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