Canadiana – Nov 19 2018

Clues Answers
Acronym for a food additive MSG
Avant-guard NEW
Balances EVENS
Be indebted OWE
Be indebted OWE
Bundle of bills WAD
Cabbage salad SLAW
Coagulate GEL
Collection ANA
Comprehend SEE
Draw a breath INHALE
Edible wood sorrel OCA
Empowered ENDUED
French for equal EGAL
Gabrielle ___ (The Tin Flute author) ROY
Gangster’s gun GAT
Geological time span ERA
Golf’s Big Easy ELS
Greasy OILY
Himalayan giants YETIS
In pain ACHING
Invoice TAB
Iraqi currency DINAR
Itin. item RTE
Jewel GEM
Lindross or Tillman ERIC
Margaret ____ ( Stone Angel author) LAURENCE
Margaret ____ (Cat’s Eye author) ATWOOD
Metal worker’s machine LATHE
Mordecai____ (Joshua Then and Now author) RICHLER
Ms Merino EWE
Nathanial, familiarly NATE
Opposite of don’t DO
Othello role IAGO
Prefix denoting outside ECTO
RC honouree STE
Reddish hair with streaks of white and grey ROAN
Regulation RULE
Require NEED
Rhine tributary AAR
Robertson ____ (Fifth Business author) DAVIES
Rotating mechanisms GYROS
Salt, to Stephane SEL
Scarlett’s domain TARA
Scintilla IOTA
Sea eagle ERN
Sign of a sellout SRO
Single reed instrument CLARINET
Small integer ONE
Smart ____ ALEC
Spleen MILT
Splitter WEDGE
Terminate END
Visual creations ART
W. Cates specialty TD
W.O. ____( Who Has Seen the Wind author ) MITCHELL
Wager BET
____ Hinds ( legendary medical technologist) CORA

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