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Canadiana – Nov 26 2018

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Clues Answers
A D-day battlefield CAEN
A Hallowe’en alternative TREAT
A Hallowe’en alternative TRICK
Accounting pro CPA
Air travellers’ info ARR
Assist a thief ABET
Away from the wind ALEE
Beat mercilessly FLOG
Belfry preferers BATS
Black cuckoo ANI
Bloody ____ MARY
Brewery product ALE
Buriel chamber CRYPT
C’est la ___ ( “It is death” in French ) MORT
Canadian whiskey RYE
Cerium symbol CE
Chit TAB
Circle parts ARCS
Clear a windshield DEMIST
Cobbler’s standby LAST
Combined total SUM
Command right GEE
Compass pt SE
Cygnet SWAN
Death by fire in a ritual suicide SATI
Desperately sad WOEFUL
Encountered MET
Energy unit ERG
Eskimo woman’s skinning knife ULU
Formerly ( Archaic ) ERST
Frankenstein’s hideous progeny IGOR
Grave ____ YARD
Grave ____ STONE
Guidos high note ELA
Gymnastic apparatus BEAM
Hallowe’en disguise MASK
Hallowe’en word before lock WAR
Hello, to the cool YO
Hooligan YOB
Infants BABES
Insurgent REBEL
Japanese currency YEN
Journals LOGS
Lion sound ROAR
Maligned Cdn. sales tax GST
Mongrel CUR
Neighbourhood AREA
Paddle OAR
Palm leaf paper OLA
Prefix for nazi or natal NEO
Regret RUE
Reproductive cell OVA
Resting place for the dead TOMB
Soak RET
State forcefully AVER
Stoppers TOPS
Story TALE
Treasured automotive classic REO
Twelve mos YR
Ubiquitous cookie OREO
Water, en francais EAU
Witches ____ BREW
Wood wind instrument OBOE
___ mater ALMA
____ Saarinen ( Architect ) EERO
_____ wolf WERE