Canadiana – Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
About oceans in and out flows TIDAL
Acronym for a computer network, LAN
Bernardo’s accomplice scrambled ALMOOKH
Born as NEE
Camera lens genre (Acronym) SLR
Canada’s arctic dwellers DENE
Casks KEGS
Celine ___ DION
Clifford ____ ( BC serial killer scrambled) NOOSL
Computer file format ( Arconym ) PDF
Destroy RUIN
Early Britons CELTS
Energetic one GOER
Escaped FLED
Expel EMIT
Fasten TIE
Field mouse VOLE
Garlic, to Gerard AIL
Geological time period AEON
Golfer Mackenzie, and others ADAS
Graven image IDOL
Guilty party, slangily PERP
Hardwood tree OAK
House part ATTIC
Japanese theatre NOH
Kimveer ___ (The Dawson College killer scrambled) LILG
Lake between Huron and Ontario ERIE
Larry ____ ( Sask’s Gail Miller killer scrambled) FHRISE
Liberated FREE
Liturgy MASS
Make one UNITIZE
Marc ____ ( PQ campus mass murderer scrambled) ENIPLE
Motor fuel consumption stat MPG
Musical interval OCTAVE
Mutt CUR
Mythological bird ROC
Norse goddess ELLI
Of the core NUCLEIC
Operatic performance ARIA
Owed DUE
Palm leaf paper OLA
Part of the verb to heave HOVE
Partner of tic and toe TAC
Paul ___ ( Laporte murderer scrambled ) SREO
Peppered PELTED
Prefix for gram and tope ISO
Prickly desert plants CACTI
Putative plant SPROUT
Recreational area PARK
Rivulet RILL
Similar to a common rodent RATLIKE
Subject of a Millet painting GLEANER
Summon CALL
The wonderful wizard OZ
Weir’s niblick WEDGE
Whale, to Wilhelmsen SEI
Wickedness EVIL
William ____ ( BC pig farm killer scrambled)) PCNTOKI
Winter downfall ? SNOW
Wolf, to Duceppe LOUP
You and I US
___ Paulo or Filipe SAO
____ mode ALA

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