Canadiana – Oct 1 2018

Clues Answers
A hankering YEN
Adore LOVE
Alberta angler’s choice TROUT
Ameliorated EASED
Ancient Irish tongue ERSE
Anger IRE
Applaud LAUD
Biblical ending ETH
Black teas PEKOES
Blackest blacks EBONS
British Columbia angler’s choice SALMON
Cherry, in Chantilly CERISE
Compere EMCEE
Contributed to a social network TWEETED
Coolness under pressure NERVE
Discovered FOUND
Distinguished flying medal (RAF) DFC
Donkey ASS
Double curves ESSES
Dribble DROOL
East coast fisherman’s choice OYSTER
Fixed charge FEE
Florence’s river ARNO
Formerly (archaic) ERST
French river ARLES
Gulf in the Aegean sea SAROS
Home and school org PTA
Honey maker BEE
Isle in The Firth of Forth ARRAN
Italian river PO
Knock outs, slangily KOS
Look after SEETO
LP’s successor CD
Manitoba angler’s choice GOLDEYE
Once around an oval LAP
One who eyeballs EYER
Ontario angler’s choice MUSKIE
Plaster STUCCO
Red Wing winger Dan CLEARY
Roman 51 LI
Russian city OMSK
Saskatchewan angler’s choice WALLEYE
Scottish river DEE
Soon (archaic ) ANON
South Korean metropolis SEOUL
Strength BRAWN
Tamworth or Duroc Jersey SWINE
This, in Valencia ESTE
Unaccompanied STAG
Unshakeable belief FAITH
Vague idea NOTION
Villainous BAD
Wpg. time CST
___ Edna DAME
____ Martin (performance automobile) ASTON

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