Canadiana – Oct 15 2018

Clues Answers
Adolescent TEEN
Alias acronym AKA
Alphabet run LMO
Aristotle, familiarly ARI
B. Oda ( Tory MP ) BEV
Big air freighters (acronym) SSTS
Bizard or Maurice ILE
Canadian expletives EHS
Cannister TIN
Cavalryman ULAN
Conclusion of today’s quote OFWAR
Condensation DEW
Cultivate HOE
Disorderly crowds MOBS
Duncan ____( Black Hawk defenceman ) KEITH
Dutch settler BOER
El ____ (Spanish Renaissance painter) GRECO
Enquire ASK
Frappe ICE
Fumble FLUFF
Geologic period of time ERA
Harold, to buddies HAL
Herbaceous plant ALOE
Ididarod conveyance SLED
Kennel talk WOOF
Large integer TEN
Leg joint KNEE
Lined up AROW
Male child SON
Marketed SOLD
Momentarily SOON
Mongrel CUR
Ms Shropshire EWE
N.Mandela’s realm RSA
Neighbour of Europe ASIA
OK corral occurences GUNFIGHTS
One’s dog FIDO
Part 6 of today’s quote VICTIMS
Part 1 of today’s quote IKNOW
Part 2 of today’s quote THAT
Part 3 of today’s quote TRUTH
Part 4 of today’s quote ISONE
Part 5 of today’s quote OFTHEFIRST
Partner of Tic and toe TAC
Prefix for conscious or culture ECO
Profligate RAKE
Rage IRE
Relay racer’s implement BATON
Reproductive cell OVA
Sense of self EGO
Sounded off sheepishly ? BLEATED
Sprite ELF
Stringed instrument VIOL
Transit vehicle BUS
Uproar ADO
Vietnamese holiday TET
Warmth HEAT
West African republic SENEGAL
____ Cassini OLEG

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