Canadiana – Oct 22 2018

Clues Answers
Actress Turner LANA
Al _____ ( First Canadian to win a PGA event) BALDING
Barbie’s boyfriend KEN
Body part HEAD
Buddy PAL
Canada’s Act of Confederation ( Acronym ) BNA
Canadian George ____ ( First and only Olympic golf gold medalist ) LYON
Chanteuse ____ McEntire REBA
Commanded (archaic) BADE
Confabulate NATTER
Dave ____Winner on Canadian and PGA tours BARR
Decorative fabric LACE
Early anaesthetic ETHER
Energy units ERGS
Figure skating’s Barbara ___ Scott ANN
Fresh NEW
Gambler’s bet ANTE
Gary ____ ( Two time US Amateur winner ) COWAN
George ____ (Perennial PGA tour winner) KNUDSON
Graphic symbol RUNE
Guess Who and the like BAND
Gullet CRAW
Hebrides and the like ILES
Imitates APES
Inanely foolish ASININE
Infertile BARREN
Israeli airline ELAL
Jewish pastor RABI
Knight’s title SIR
Ladies of the night BAWDS
Large deer ELK
Letters denoting alias AKA
Mike ____ (Canadian winner at Augusta ) WEIR
Mil. rank NCO
Mineral deposits ORES
Moe _____ (Greatest Canadian ball striker) NORMAN
Norse God ODIN
Opposed ANTI
Organic compound ENOL
Overgarment CAPE
Papa DAD
Penne or Linguini PASTA
Poulter or Baker Finch IAN
Precipitation RAIN
Prohibit BAN
Promo AD
Racket DIN
RCMP alert APB
Render unhappy SADDEN
Say ____(Dentist’s request) AW
Scandinavian poetry EDDA
Semitic language ARAM
Shipping cartons CRATES
Soon (archaic) ANON
Species TYPE
Stan ______ (Three time PGA winner ) LEONARD
Stunted one RUNT
Thicken GEL
Tramp HOBO
Trotted RAN
US space program NASA
Was in the vanguard LED
Wildebeest GNU

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