Canadiana – Oct 29 2018

Clues Answers
Aeroplane JET
Affectation POSE
Ambitious one GOER
Americas org OAS
Ancient OLD
Babbo _____ ( Santa Claus’s AKA in Italy ) NATALE
BC time zone PST
Bizarre ODD
Broadcast AIR
Bundled BALED
Caliph ALI
Cannabis GAGE
Columnist Fotheringham ALLAN
Community undertaking BEE
Device used in heart surgery STENT
Draw a bead AIM
Elected OPTED
Expression of disapproval TSK
Golden to Invermere dir ESE
Golf course feature TEE
Hair colour OMBRE
Illness in Iberville MAL
Imitator APER
Jule ____ (Santa Claus’s AKA in Norway NISSE
Kind or type ILK
Kris ____ ( Santa Claus’s AKA in Germany ) KRINGLE
Lennon’s lady ONO
Lout OAF
Mountain pass GAP
Muscles PSOAS
Mythological princess (Greek) ARNE
No Clue TAD
Overtime acronym OT
Part of the UK BR
Pen part NIB
Pere ____ ( Santa Claus’s AKA in France ) NOEL
Place a bet WAGER
Plains Indian’s dwelling TEPEE
Promos ADS
Relax in the sun BASK
Salt, to Stephane SEL
Satiate SATE
Scorch SEAR
Ship’s rear STERN
Sir William ____ ( Canadian physician ) OSLER
Small lake MERE
Small, to a Scottish bard SMA
Sooth sayer SEER
Swiety ____( Santa Claus’s AKA in Poland ) MIKOLAJ
Synthetic fibre OLEFIN
Wagered ANTED
____ Klaas (Santa’s AKA in The Netherlands ) SINTER
____ Moroz (Santa Claus’s AKA in Russia DED
____ Noel ( Santa Claus’s AKA in Belgium ) PERE
____ Noel ( Santa Claus’s AKA in Brazil ) PAPAI
____ tse ( African blood sucker ) TSE
_____ ( Santa Claus’s AKA in Malta ) NIKLAW

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