Canadiana – Oct 3 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A kind of mall STRIP
Alaskan town ATKA
Antiquity STELA
Arabian Nights figure ALADDIN
Away from the wind ALEE
Bean SOY
Boy friends BEAUS
Brewery product ALE
Buddy PAL
Chess board colour or Ontario lake WHITE
Chess board colour or Quebec lake BLACK
Chess piece or British Columbia inlet KNIGHT
Chess piece or British Columbia island KING
Chess piece or Canadian cape QUEEN
Chess piece or Yukon mountain CASTLE
Chess pieces or Newfoundland falls BISHOPS
Chinese calculators ABACI
Chunk WAD
Commotion ADO
Container VESSEL
Coolant ICE
Cosh SAP
Counterfeit BOGUS
Crow cry CAW
Distributed ISSUED
Donts’ opposites DOS
Drivel PAP
Genetic info DNA
German river WESER
German title HERR
Hold-ups HEISTS
Hosp. hot spots ERS
Indian helmet TOPI
Jet black SABLE
Leaning ATILT
Malaysian isthmus KRA
Messier or Kurri OILER
Mil. rank SGT
Mistake ERROR
Moon goddess LUNA
Ms Deer DOE
Not ordinary SPECIAL
Persona Non _____ GRATA
Quid pro __ QUO
Range of mountains ALPS
Recreational veh ATV
Recycle REUSE
Responsible for CAUSAL
Singer McEntire and others REBAS
Sixties singer Bob DYLAN
Small finch LINNET
Summer in St. Foy ETE
Teeny WEE
The battlefields of chess BOARDS
This or that, in Timiskaming CET
Threes TREYS
Turkish monetary unit LIRE
UFO occupants, perhaps ETS
Unrefined RAW
Up and about AWAKE

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