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Canadiana – Sep 10 2018

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Clues Answers
A gait faster than a walk TROT
Acronym denoting alias AKA
Adult female WOMAN
Ailments ILLS
Airport edifice HANGAR
Arab outer garment ABA
Aristotle, to pals ARI
Belief TENET
Body part ARM
Brewery products ALES
Campus bigwig DEAN
Cap, slangily LID
Clever words MOTS
Clothe TOG
Demented MAD
Elevator guy OTIS
European defence org NATO
Ever, to Emerson EER
Fabric CLOTH
Faucet TAP
Fodder HAY
Ford nameplate LTD
Foul up SNAFU
Fracas ROW
German river ODER
Golfer known as “The Big Easy” ELS
Hawaiian goose NENE
Hearing aid? EARDRUM
Humanoid males MEN
Hunting dog, familiarly LAB
Interior design DECOR
Large constrictor BOA
Matured AGED
Men about town GENTS
Metal bar INGOT
Mild expletive EGAD
Mildly insane FEY
Nuclear particle ATOM
OR frequenters DRS
Overseer MANAGER
Playlet SKIT
Possess OWN
Prefix for all encompassing PAN
Rampant RIFE
Rented LET
Scrimp EKE
Sought public office RAN
Soybean concoction TOFU
Stringed instrument, slangily UKE
Swindle CON
Take rays SUN
Triumphed WON
Ultimate NTH
Undistinguished BLAH
Up and _____ ABOUT
Wedding words IDO
Where beer is brewed VAT
____ and woolly WILD
____ and happy FAT
____ Mary HAIL
____ to trot HOT
_____ and dined WINED
_____ and mighty HIGH
_____ and watered FED
______ and showered SHAVED