Canadiana – Sep 17 2018

Clues Answers
23rd Greek letter PSI
A collection of anecdotes ANA
About the moon LUNAR
Accused person’s bond BAIL
Afro asiatic tongue TERA
Ailing ILL
Applaud CLAP
Appraisal ESTIMATE
Austen heroine EMMA
Born as NEE
Bridge SPAN
Christmas songs CAROLS
Circle part ARC
Code for Edmonton International Airport YEG
Connectedness COHESION
Correspondent’s after thought (abbr.) PS
Cow catcher LARIAT
Elevator manufacturer OTIS
Ethiopian lake TSANA
Ever, to Emerson EER
Flower petals ALA
In due time LATER
Irish Republic EIRE
Israeli dance HORA
Japanese raw fish dish SASHIMI
Leg part KNEE
Legendary Chinese chairman MAO
Moses’ big brother AARON
Mounted soldier ULAN
Ms’s mate MR
Municipal orgs RMS
N. Mandela’s Republic RSA
Needs scratching ITCHES
New Zealand parrot KEA
Obtain GET
Offer an opinion OPINE
Pesterer NAG
Renowned South African golfer ELS
RSP possessor SR
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Sediment SILT
Shade trees ELMS
Small island ISLE
Takes flight by night ELOPES
Tavern PUB
Telephone (abbr.) TEL
The letter S ESS
Thorium symbol TH
Urban grass lands LAWNS
Ventilated AIRY
Warning signals ALARMS
Wind instrument HORN
World’s first nuclear submarine NAUTILUS
You, biblically THEE
____ Berry , or woodworkers’ tool RASP
____ Berry, or migratory honker GOOSE
____ Berry, or unhappy frame of mind BLUE
____ cherry, or seamstress’s fastener PIN
____Berry , or Canada’s highest mountain peak LOGAN
____Cherry , or Whipper Billy hold CHOKE
_____ Berry , or notorious tycoon Conrad BLACK

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