Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 10 2018

Clues Answers
‘Leave that to me!’ IMONIT
‘Mayday!’ SOS
Actress Lena OLIN
Actress Ward SELA
Apple tablet IPAD
Big lizard IGUANA
Botanical angle AXIL
British rule of India RAJ
Capricorn GOAT
Chicken KIEV
Cincinnati team REDS
Criticism FLAK
Cushy SOFT
Cuts the grass MOWS
Days of yore ELD
Debtor’s note IOU
Detroit record label MOTOWN
Elvis hit HOUNDDOG
Final notice OBIT
Fixes a squeak OILS
Frontiersman Daniel BOONE
German cry ACH
GI’s address APO
Grand THOU
HBO competitor SHO
Hodgepodge OLIO
Homer’s cry DOH
Hosp. area ICU
Hubbub ADO
Huffed and puffed BLEW
Clues Answers
Laptop connection WIFI
Like Abner LIL
Lymph (immune system part) NODE
Mafia boss DON
Marine, informally DEVILDOG
Memento TOKEN
Miami- County DADE
Ms. Farrow MIA
Multitasking, maybe JUGGLING
Notion IDEA
Pack leader, perhaps ALPHADOG
Poetic tribute ODE
Port city of Poland GDANSK
Sch. URL ender EDU
Snitched TOLD
Spicy stadium frank CHILIDOG
Sports fig ATH
Spy’s moniker CODENAME
Squabble TIFF
Store sign OPEN
Sushi condiment WASABI
Tag sale words ASIS
Theater award OBIE
They can take a yoke OXEN
Thick chunk SLAB
Throat clearer AHEM
Tiara sparkler GEM
Timid MEEK
Trembled SHOOK
Twilight time SUNSET
Valley DALE

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