Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
‘Certainly!’ YES
‘Cheers’ barman Woody BOYD
‘Got it’ ISEE
Active sort DOER
Actress Taylor LILI
Apr. addressee IRS
Arsenal supply AMMO
Ashen PALE
Auction actions BIDS
Bargain DEAL
Boyfriend BEAU
Catch sight of ESPY
Caustic cleaners LYES
Census stat AGE
Charged bits IONS
Clean air org EPA
Combustible heap PYRE
Considers DEEMS
Cranial cavity SINUS
Dressed CLAD
Dutch cheese EDAM
Early riser? SUN
Fibbed LIED
Gigi’s ‘yes’ OUI
Goes a-courting? SUES
Grime DIRT
Grooms carefully PRIMPS
Haw preceder HEE
Helps crooks ABETS
It’ll get you nowhere FLATTERY
Leak slowly OOZE
Clues Answers
Like a sequined ball gown SHIMMERY
Like ice-covered roads SLIPPERY
Mama Elliot CASS
Mess up ERR
Nepal’s continent ASIA
Optimistic ROSY
Part of MPH PER
Perry’s creator ERLE
Raced SPED
Sci-fi fleet UFOS
Scrap ORT
Sheepish remark BAA
Sheriff’s helper DEPUTY
Slander in print LIBEL
Spanish gold ORO
Speak nonsense BABBLE
Spider’s home WEB
Staffer AIDE
Standard PAR
Stately tree ELM
Sty chow SLOP
Tatter RAG
Tennis score ADIN
Theater worker USHER
Travail WOE
Tried to lose DIETED
Trio after Q RST
Uncle (Sp.) TIO
Unpaid TV ad PSA
uproar INAN
Utters SAYS
Visibility hindrance HAZE
Work dough KNEAD

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