Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
‘ Doubtfire’ MRS
’70s dance clubs DISCOS
‘Ben-Hur’ author Wallace LEW
‘Blue Bloods’ airer CBS
‘That feels so good!’ AAH
Antitoxins SERA
Attain REACH
Because SINCE
Belief ISM
Big fusses ADOS
Bluish-purple flowers VIOLETS
Bull’s sound SNORT
Checks for typos PROOFS
Comedian Margaret CHO
Command to Rover SIT
Corn spike EAR
Corsage flowers ORCHIDS
Crop up ARISE
Dandy guy FOP
Discoverer’s call OHO
Drive away REPEL
Flinch, say REACT
Goof up ERR
Historic Scott DRED
Home of St. Francis ASSISI
Internet address URL
IRS employee CPA
Item on stage PROP
Jargon suffix ESE
Joe of ‘GoodFellas’ PESCI
Locks HAIR
Clues Answers
Look high and low SEARCH
Madrid Mrs SRA
Manitoba tribe CREE
Marseilles monarch ROI
Meadow flowers DAISIES
Milk dispenser UDDER
Muscle woe CRAMP
Nabokov novel ADA
Narc’s org DEA
Nixon’s veep AGNEW
Non-clergy LAITY
Obliterate ERASE
Olympic prize MEDAL
Outside (Pref.) ECTO
Parisian pal AMI
Peyton’s brother ELI
Portable PC LAPTOP
Pouch SAC
Puccini work OPERA
Rainbow shape ARC
Resort SPA
Salad choice CAESAR
Scratch MAR
Spelunking spot CAVERN
Spring flowers PANSIES
Strong adhesive EPOXY
Washroom tub BASIN
What bats and cats do RHYME
Words to live by CREDO
Wrinkle treatment BOTOX

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