Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘CSI’ settings LABS
‘Don’t rub !’ ITIN
‘Of course!’ SURETHING
‘Quantico’ network ABC
‘This test’ ISA
‘You’ve got mail’ co AOL
Actress Singer LORI
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Anjou, for one PEAR
Audubon subject BIRD
Bay, old-style BIGHT
Bee follower CEE
Bloke GENT
British ‘Inc.’ LTD
Can’t-miss SUREFIRE
Chum PAL
Closes with a bang SLAMS
Corral, for one ENCLOSURE
Country south of Georgia ARMENIA
Day light SUN
Decorate Easter eggs DYE
Dog doc VET
Dorm alternatives FRATS
Eye part IRIS
Fish story LIE
Goat’s cry MAA
Greek cheese FETA
Greek vowel IOTA
Grouch CRAB
Hunger reminder PANG
Inky stain BLOT
Jack Horner’s prize PLUM
Clues Answers
Label TAG
Lass GAL
Law of ‘The Holiday’ JUDE
Lawman Wyatt EARP
Leading man? ADAM
Mag. staff EDS
Meadow FIELD
Morsel BIT
Optimum BEST
Raced SPED
Radar dot BLIP
Rebel Turner NAT
Resort SPA
Sci-fi visitor ALIEN
Secondhand USED
Service charge FEE
Showbiz job GIG
Skin care brand OLAY
Slugger Sammy SOSA
Soon-to-be grads SRS
Sound booster AMP
Spanish gold ORO
Springy dance JIG
Squeak stopper OIL
Started LED
That girl HER
Valhalla VIP ODIN
Weep SOB
Wide smile GRIN
Zhivago’s love LARA
Zilch NADA
Zodiac animal RAM

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